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Quick Mojo News:

1. Throbblehead Tour Mojo's playing 3 more shows in 2011: December 2nd @ The Continential Club in Austin TX, December 3rd @ The Continential Club in Houston TX and December 4th for his long awaited return to New Orleans @ The Howlin' Wolf. Check out the tour dates for more info. For less than $20 you can own your very own Mojo Nixon Throbblehead

2. Mojo is released a new album "Whiskey Rebellion" with 17 unreleased songs on October 7th 2009

3. Starting October 7th 2009 and lasting for about three weeks, all of Mojo's music in MP3 form was available free on Amazon, just click over to Amazon. He's also toured (parts of Texas) in support of Whiskey Rebellion Nov 6th in Austin, Nov 7th in Houston. Both were at their respective Continental Clubs.

4. Mojo is STILL alive, he was born August 2nd 1957 and has outlived all his male ancestors (and probably done more reckless things).

5. Mojo has a daily weekday Sirius/XM show on Outlaw Country (63 Sirius/12 XM) from 4-8p Eastern.

6. Mojo has a weekly political talk show "Lyin' Cocksuckers" Thursdays at 8p Eastern, channel 104 Sirius/150 XM

7. Mojo has a NASCAR show Mondays frm 8-10p Eastern on 128 Sirius and XM

8. Mojo and Jello are reunited for a benefit for Paul Williams June 28th 2009 in San Francisco at the Red Devil Lounge Purchase tickets here.



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